BUIDL’ing and exploring the decentralized internet

What is Ethereum?

Blockchain networks open up the possibility of a decentralized world, where users of technology can be empowered without being beholden to third-party power brokers. But, that’s just the beginning.

Deep Learning for Drone Applications

Leveraging Keras or TensorFlow we can train neural networks to track and follow objects while maintaining safe flying conditions.

Kuka Robotics Pick and Place Challenge

Using a simulated version of the Kuka KR210 robotic arm, we are able to locate and pick randomly placed items from a shelf and deposit them safely into a storage container leveraging ROS, Gazebo, and Inverse Kinematics.

Latest Blog Posts

Getting started with Ganache for local blockchain development and testing

Ganache gives you a way to set up a local blockchain pre-loaded with accounts and ether. To learn more about Ganache you can go to their homepage.To install the ganachi-gui go here and select the download button for your operating system. The ganache-cli has the same functionality as the ganache-gui in a command line interface.Continue reading “Getting started with Ganache for local blockchain development and testing”

How Hardhat can help jump-start your smart contract development

Hardhat can make your smart contract development process easier to build, test, and deploy 🎉 … so what is it? Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment that helps developers manage and automate the recurring tasks inherent to building smart contracts and DApps.  The two big selling points for me were: 1) It comes built-in withContinue reading “How Hardhat can help jump-start your smart contract development”